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Scale 21 Editors Column

Jon Phillips, [email protected], https://rejon.org

What a week! What happened? Did you learn a lot? I DID! The zerowaste concepts are growing everywhere and other people are also practicing zeroists. As the founder of Foxconn, who builds nearly everyones electronics in China and globally says, CONSTANTLY LEARNING.

The zerowaste philosophy grows on you as you have more energy and find more value in hunger and quality of flavors and taste. So will I eat meat or eggs or cheese, totally! If it is left as waste. I do not prefer these in my diet. I prefer lowest amount of energy possible to get myself the maximum energy possible. Fruit and vegetables are also the most reliable in this day and age. The zeroist removes as many 3rd parties as possible.

Here are my thoughts about zerowaste simply from my walk between work and home last night:

Yes, late night writing. Had several energist thoughts and I have to ask them now:

  • Glass? Plastic? Alumninum? How much does it cost to get my cheap drink? My gut says use none of the above, and if do have a choice, use glass. Anyone have feedback here?
  • Take a straight line of sight between home and work. It saves energy and keeps out distractions.
  • If I need something from someone, and they have a requirement, I may use energy.
  • Really on the fence on alcohol etc. Current rule is not to buy 3rd party things at all. There is the added benefit of more time for focus and thinking, but come on, beer is good! What is unnatural about that? but what about all those beer bottles, cans, wine bottles, cans? Monkeys eat fermented fruits. Any feedback here?
  • hk is zerowaste ground zero. So many friends are leaving HK because it is dying, x, y and z. My feedback: BYE. HK is home to the best business people an optimization experts on the planet. They are Cantocore to the bone! They can survive on less than you and make more than you off of NOTHING. The deep hidden underground cultures of Hong Kong and Southern China will be around long after the New Energists, the Trumps and Bidens are dust…
  • If someone offers me food or drink, I may consider it…do not want to waste…and do not want to be disrespectful.
  • Eating at restaurants is the worst. It is wasteful and often food is not up to standard. Your body is a big chemistry set. Be skeptical.
  • On airplanes, I think I have to wait for someone else to buy me a ticket! same for travel. How can I go back? Flying globally around the world, massive energy loss and damage! That needs serious thought befoe put into practice.
  • I must consider all energy output, and save where possible! This is ongoing.
  • Tidy up regularly. There is energy loss from disorganization and energ is gained by organizing too! Also, knowing where things are located is great with minimalism, but also saves energy.

Still thinking, but these seem to fit current thinking.

Also, bravists are people with linked public identity and virtual identity. They are the BRAVIST amongst us. I am talking artists and so many people who have not had or do not consider they are in a dark forrest. Well, maybe you will learn some day?

Quick catch-up on thinking. In this issue of Scale 21 21 21 21, we include a writing by Aaron Owens about his artwork and what it means. It deserves serious thought. Aaron is a special person to me. He represents the best of what we may become and chooses to live in St. Louis, a place with so much depth and culture, that I am even hesitant to let the secret out…shhhhhhhhhhh… :) Seriously, read on for Aaron’s writing. He is an artist, and a mapmaker everyone? He designs parks!

Clement Renaud also shared a writing he made in French that is about Shenzhen for his local Lyon France government. I was thinking to translate to English, then Chinese, and then realized both will lose meaning. So it stands, in French and I encourage you to plow through it and give feedback to Clement on twitter where he is a social media addict and has a weakness in replying to you and retweeting your messages :)

Yes, that is an ENERGIST ENERGY ALERT. A chink in the armor of Clement anyone may exploit. Try it :)

Almost back on track will do a quick turnaround on Scale 22 coming up, so get your writings in. There is more coming on our dear friend Ilya who passed away recently and had a service on June 1, 2019 in Taipei, the land of energy rejuventation.