Scale Week 18 四 sì

Wed May 15, 2019

Scale Week 18 四 sì is. 4 Original Writings. Its a family affair. Post-self-unblock, Jon takes the pass in his writing Alley-oop and uses the energy to unblock his Mom and Dad from their writing blocks. First time contributions from Sally Phillips explaining depression era zerowaste policies. Doug Phillips writes “Chainsaw Manicure!” providing some reflection and hope through describing what it is like to be a minister using a chainsaw to chop church pews, “his past.” Scale 18 connects to history and upgrades the past (check the website to see :).

Table of Contents

  1. Word of the Week
  2. Weekly Editors Column by Jon Phillips
  3. May 13, 2019 by Sally Phillips
  4. Chainsaw Manicure! by Doug Phillips

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