Scale Week 16 二 èr

Mon Apr 29, 2019

Scale Week 16 二 èr is ART (bad joke, but is sound of èr). Clement Renaud answered the call, and shared a writing, The Writer’s Debt and subsequently made a listing of his approach to take control back in his life. Jon Phillips reminded us that ONG2 happened, 7 statements wered made from ONG Records and Fabricatorz Foundation. He also made a writing about his approach to tackling NOT TO DO LISTS, called JINTIAN. Paying Down All Forms of Debt, Scale 16. Feedback Welcome.

Table of Contents

  1. Word of the Week
  2. by Clement Renaud
  3. ONG2 Releases Saint McLuhan Mixtape and 7 Acts by Jon Phillips
  4. The Jintian TODO List Manager by Jon Phillips

Download Scale Week 16 PDF