Editors Column


Jon Phillips, [email protected], https://rejon.org

Scale Week 14 is a zeroing out of the past. We have pushed out 10 Scale Journals, made three systems for generating scale, and put our scale_bot into 5+ chat channels for up-voting of links.

It is time for a pivot.

Moving forward, Scale Journal has two editors, myself and Clement Renaud. Second, we will only accept original content from authors that we verify. It is up to your editors, Clement and I, to keep the quality of Scale Journal high as we continue our weekly format.

It is better to print less even as long as what we print is high quality. We are considering keeping the extra links that are shared as contextual information. However, the need for sharing high quality links is not nearly as important as a person sharing ‘why’ the link they shared is matters.

Think of it this way: Someone sends you a link and then what? Are you supposed to follow and read that link? Are you to to understand why that person sent you the link or is someone trying to waste your time? For me, I ask back to the person who sent me a link, “Why is this important to you?”

We need filters in our modern densely overpacked information society. Time is our most valuable currency. And, human creativity is what sets us apart from machines. Trust and friendliness is what creates an environment for growth! And when scaling, you go up or down.

We choose to Zero Down to Scale Up.

For the next few issues we are considering continuing with Chinese numbers. And, now that we have zeroed out Scale, its time to focus on the real energy, qi.

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